Wednesday, 6 August 2014

 GOVERNMENT CEMETERY AT SAMBALPUR HAVE MANY BELONGS TO EUROPEANS ..such as of ;Cadenhead ,Woodbridge , Roughsedge ,Nethersole ,Impey ,Bates etc.

EDWARD ROUGHSEDGE - son of Rev. R.H.Roughsedge was the Major of the 26th regiment N.I. , Political Agent to thr Governor General , South West Frontier deputed at Sumbhulpoor . Sumbhulpoor was taken over by the East India Company . Roughsedge was given charge to look after the affair and to give directions to the king of Sumbhulpoor and other 17 states which were under it . He was ill for 3 months , despite that he went to Sonepur state and died there at the bank of river Mahanadi on 13th January 1822 was cremated at Sumbhulpoor . Of the 4 cemetery given here no. 2 is of Roughsedge .

JOHN CADENHEAD - Assistant Surgeon Madras Army , Principal Assistant Agent, South Western Frontier  Born 9th May1811 died on 17 Nov. 1851 was the first ever Principal Assistant at Sumbhulpoor . Sumbhulpoor was annexed to the British empire in 1849 by virtue of doctrine of lapse . SBP was 2nd to be annexed through this law with Jaitpur after Satara . His cemetery is at no.1 here. 

ARTHUR PERRY WOODBRIDGE -son of E.C.Woodbridge of Briton  Captain A.P.Woodbridge was with the 40th Madras Infantry .Sumbhulpoor witnessed a great revolution and a longer fight against the East India Company in the leadership of Surendra Sai ,a member of the royal family . While in war at Pahadsirgida Woodbridge was killed on 12th February 1858 . His body was rescued on 14th and was cremated at Sumbhulpoor. Here his cemetery is shown at no 4

MAJOR JOHN BATES -Major in 40th Madras Regiment was the Commander at Sumbhulpoor was died on 15th February 1858 due to illness after 3 days of death of Woodbridge . 

WILLIAM NETHERSOLE  B.A , LLM ,Bar at Law of the Bengal Civil Service, eldest son of John and Mary Hennah Nethersole was the Sattlement officer at Sumbhulpoor .On 1888 october 9th he was fell from horse at Haldipali near Sohela and died on 11th . His cemetery is at no. 3

There are so many cemetery --- such as George Charles Bouton , Surgen left wing ,Ernest Stucley , James Augustus Fox Asst Surgeon , Hastings Brouhton Impey and his wife Georgina Alfred Alexander Graham , John Christopher Robinson ,Charles Lucas Babington ,Jack Buttler, William Berry , John Martin Casey ,Eli Elderson ....and many many more


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  4. Thanks for this information on Roughsedge's last resting place. I was looking for a long time for this, as he figures in my forthcoming book.

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